Sunday, December 04, 2005

WiredPages Gets AdSense...

Incorporated AdSense onto the pages of WiredPages today. I also had to modify each of the page headers. I forgot to change one of the pages before FTPing -- and the ads for that page are showing something totally unrelated to the page's content. This even though I did eventually change the header.

I checked another computer and the incorrect ads were there as well. Not sure how to correct this -- maybe it will correct itself.

I have noticed another issue with AdSense -- on certain computers, the ads don't show up at all. Did not check the computer in question with these new ads... Anyone else notice this problem? I have noticed this phenomenon with too. That forum stays busy... according to Alexa my forum is not busy at all.

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At 1:02 PM, mazhar said...

Even a friend of minw of facing a similar problem. it has something to do with the keyword weight , i believe. anyway i am yet to try adsense for my new blog:
and i am waiting to build up a decent traffic before i apply.


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