Sunday, December 04, 2005

I started a blog -- here. I wanted to gain first hand knowledge of this blogging environment so that I would be better able to answer support questions.

Joining was easy -- see this link.

There were a few surprises. There are about 11 predefined templates that you may choose from but no clear way to define your own -- or tweak the one you choose. There is a file upload feature but it is only available when in write mode -- and probably only allows image uploads. Yes, I did successfully upload an image file. Other than these limitations it is much like the version [1.5.2] I use to maintain, Q's Wire... -- located on

There is a little more flexibility with hosted blogs than hosted blogs, with regard to template modifications by users and of course there is no way to incorporate the "Blogger Calendar" on hosted blogs because of this limitation. [There maybe a way -- however I will wait until the release is a little more stable before researching.]

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