Friday, December 02, 2005

PHP HTTP Requests...

I use Java Servlets for HTTP Requests. Because of the popularity of PHP, I wanted to experiment with HTTP Requests in the PHP environment. I have developed any number of PHP Tools for popular forums boards and blogging platforms, so my PHP development experience has primarily dealt with database [MySQL] connectivity and access issues.

After a bit of research I found the PHP implementation of CURL.

I still have a bit more experimentation with PHP/CURL, however, for my sites [i.e., WiredPages], I will continue to use Java Servlets for HTTP Requests. That's not to say that I cannot provide support in this area. This indeed, is a very effective method for accomplishing a great many tasks where HTTP Requests are required. I simply feel that for my needs it is more efficient for me to use Java Servlets.

One reason -- the "on-the-fly1" information I like providing via my tools -- to client web browsers. Of course, not all of my "tools" [e.g., use of updated daily XML Feeds --, ex. Career Journal Feed] require "on-the-fly" interactivity, but the web page interactive mode [e.g., World Weather Tool] that I consider to be an important user interface convenience, is easily achieved in the Java environment.

User requested information is provided/updated for targeted areas of a web page without refreshing the entire page.

Another reason -- although I consider PHP to be a [very powerful] programming language, it is actually server side scripting... and in my opinion -- can never be as efficient as server side binaries and executables. Server side C programs for HTTP Requests would be another excellent choice.

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