Tuesday, December 06, 2005

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Hello Kevin O'Keefe:

My name is Regina Thomas and I am the sole proprietor of QiSoftware -- a Washington, DC area consultancy. I have been looking through your site and the array of client blogs in your portfolio.

I have two reasons for contacting you:
(1) -- In September 2004, I developed a blogging tool - the "Blogger Calendar" [Java version], which I would like to have firms such as yours, adopt and offer as an option to your clients and
(2) -- you only deal with lawyers -- I would like to look into safeguarding my intellectual property rights with regard to this tool [Blogger Calendar].

You can find more information about me, QiSoftware, and the "Blogger Calendar" at the following links:
Qisoftware Business Site
QiSoftware Solutions
WiredPages News Service

Blogger Calendar Info -- Business Blog & Blogger.com demonstration of "Calendar" -- hosted qisoftware.com
More Info -- Calendar -- Personal Blog & WordPress demonstration
BlogSpot Demonstration -- QiSoftware Support Blog hosted on Blogger.com [BlogSpot] servers --Calendar Demonstration

The "Blogger Calendar" is easily integrated into Movable Type blogs -- the blogging platform your company promotes -- however, at this time I do not have an online demonstration of the calendar for that platform.  I do however, have a copy of the Movable Type database schema.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel we can forge a mutually beneficial business relationship.


Regina Thomas - 301.233.7899

corrected "Intellectually" --> "Intellectual" in this version and removed e-mail addresses

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