Sunday, November 13, 2005

Blogger Calendar Forum Views...

On September 10, 2004 I posted an entry -- Blogger Calendar to, informing users that I had completed development work on the "Blogger Calendar". I discuss the planned implementation of the calendar [posted August 29, 2004] here -- Calendar Feedback. currently experiencing problems with board. The following screenshot taken today, November 13, 2005 and shows the number of times [3873] this topic [Blogger Calendar] has been reviewed since September 10, 2004.

Reference Posts: Blogger Calendar Info -- Feb. 25, 2005, Additional Calendar Info - Oct. 28, 2005

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At 6:25 PM, Johan Sundström said...

That's a rather nice calendar; it beats the client side javascript calendar I tossed together in user experience, and with a margin too.

Isn't it a bit excessive, though, adding years in the future (which surely can't have any posts yet), or in the past, for years prior to the start of the blog?

I tried (a bit sloppy-handedly) to make mine not be able to navigate to years (and indeed months) devoid of posts. As in "from August, which has posts, go to May when clicking <, if there were no posts during Summer" or "Don't show Y2k, if my blog starts in 2003".


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