Saturday, November 05, 2005

Another JavaScript Blogger Calendar...

This is a nice JavaScript Calendar for use with BlogSpot server blogs. It's a little slow, but it works. The method requires daily archived posts and it uses dynamic HTML [innerHtml] to write and then hide the archives part of the file so that the calendar has access to the data source...

This is the principle on which the Blogspot version of my calendar works -- however, I use a separate post rather than the hidden html. I am not sure if long term users of Blogger -- want to wait for the write process to complete, for the many posts they may have. This calendar also appears to be free. My version of the Blogger Calendar -- is not.

This is one of the best JavaScript calendars I have seen for Blogger. I have added it to the list of Blogging Tools & Add-ons.

Reference Posts: Blogger Calendar Information, Usage Agreement -- Other Info

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At 6:30 PM, Johan Sundström said...

Could you elaborate on the I use a separate post rather than the hidden html bit? (It got a little foggy for me there.)


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