Tuesday, October 25, 2005

WordPress 1.5.2 Upgrade Notes...

Recently upgraded my WordPress installation to 1.5.2 [latest release] -- Q's Wire... This version allows only the set number of posts to be displayed for catagories, years, months, or days. Before, if you selected a month -- the program displayed all posts, even if there were more than the amount specified by the global setting [reading option setting].

To accommodate this limitation [which is a good idea, could have lots of posts for one category, month, etc.] -- I placed links on the upper sidebar and lower posting area to allow users to navigate to "Older" or "Newer" posts based on the current post selections. This was accomplished with the following php call:

<?php posts_nav_link(' ','Newer','Older'); ?>

The WordPress version of the "Blogger Calendar" integrated easily with the upgrade.

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