Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Where is the Zip Code Retriever?

I developed the Zip Code Retriever for the Maryland Wired site in 2003. When I put up the WiredPages site [April 2004] this was one of the tools incorporated. Last month I realized this tool was no longer working and disabled it. Maryland Wired stopped publishing in late 2004 [Maryland Wired -- published between 1999 - 2004] so only the WiredPages site -- still featured the tool.

When I redesigned and moved WiredPages last month, from my AOL account I decided that I would not use the tool. I miss my tool but at this time it is too much of a hassle [government red tape] to keep the tool active and I have decided to pass.

Legal Stuff: Other names I have published under or used include -- rdtorg or RDT & Associates. My initials RDT. Sorry to bore some of you with all this legal stuff... There is a reason I need to do this.

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