Monday, October 31, 2005

QiSoftware Reseller Hosting Proposal

I am interested in a Hosting Reseller Plan. [The following is in part -- my submission to a web host that offers Reseller Plans, for their consideration]. Noted here for those interested in the "Blogger Calendar" and my own Legal Notes...

Some background: In September 2004, I developed a Java Tool that utilizes servlet/applet technology -- the "Blogger Calendar". The tool requires a host that supports Java Servlets...

Not all users of the "Blogger Calendar" need a plan that supports Java Servlet hosting. They mainly need a good plan that will allow them to create a blog and utilize the "Calendar" from their hosted account. Most blogs use PHP and MySQL, however the "Calendar" is also available with blogs which are html based when hosted on private web hosts [as opposed to the BlogSpot Blogger servers]. I would set up a separate [Java Servlet Hosting enabled] account or use my main account to host their "Blogger Calendars". Java technology is very efficient and the small foot print of the archived applet and server side program are quick and use very little bandwidth. I am also an experienced programmer [come from a C/x-windows background] so memory allocation/deallocation issues have been dealt with effectively. I have had lots of requests for the tool, but most I think don't want the hassle of worrying about the Java Servlet Hosting. I don't think they should have to.

In addition, WordPress is a very popular blogging tool. ... Would you have a problem with my clients using this platform?

Another Consideration: The combination of MySQL databases and PHP can sometimes be resource intensive for popular blogs or online communities [forums]. Would this present a problem for you, say if my clients used a blog traffic exchange service to attract readers to their blogs?

Your site information indicates that you offer Reseller plans on a case by case basis. Would xxxx be interested in hosted accounts that I would promote as providing Bloggers/users with a QiSoftware "Blogger Calendar" without the worry of hosting such a tool?

Your consideration is appreciated.

Regina Thomas -- 301.233.7899

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