Sunday, October 30, 2005

Follow-Up E-mail From New Web Host...

Did not receive a follow up e-mail from new web host with important information. Have sent an e-mail to request the follow up. Not sure if outside interference the cause or overlooked by new web host.

Not sure if they have experienced any outside interference with regard to my hosting.

Message to new web host: I will never forget my password... Please do not give anyone access privileges to my account, including me if I claim I have forgotten. My credit card information is too easily obtained so this is not a secure means of verification.

Problems with my prior web host began in the summer of 2004. They claimed I called screaming about the loss of my password -- see this post. I have never forgotten a password related to web hosting. This would have also been before I installed PHP [NS&J forms and Q's Wire] applications on my site [see previous post]. Either they [previous web host] were not impressed with my "extra baggage -- [Washington Interference]" or someone did indeed try to gain unauthorized access to my accounts.

I was with my prior web host from June 2002 through just recently. Problems with my web host started after I began blogging -- June 1, 2004 -- here is the first post.

Legal Note: Posted for legal reasons.

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