Saturday, October 01, 2005

Affiliate Programs... September 2005

I had a sale last month. Why? I was the consumer. My sale did not show up in my reports. I contacted the affiliate program. They have yet to respond.

My sale was around the beginning of the month. I was hoping it may have been late reporting. It doesn't appear as this is the case.

For the past year -- I thought I was doing something wrong. So I re-examined links, the number of ways I promote my sites, so on.

My sale did not show up. How many others? I have never sold anything according to my affiliate manager. I made a sale to me... The reports are wrong.

It's not too late for my sale to show up. I would like to believe in fair and right. My sale should show up............ Quid Pro Quo. When is a deal not a deal?

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