Wednesday, August 17, 2005

E-Mails, Phone Calls, Oddities...

Recently, I have been putting out feelers for new projects. What's notable about this effort is not the rejections I have received, but the lack of any response whatsoever.

Since the onset of my career -- in the high-tech computing industry, I have never been without interested parties trying to obtain my services. As recently, as last month -- I was invited to join an invitation only (based on résumé qualifications) in-house networking event, but could not attend because of a scheduling conflict.

I thought the lack of responses may have been due to e-mail problems, but thought I would wait another week before investigating. Today, I decided to start promoting my social group -- Washington DC Bloggers . While putting together my template for the e-mails, I sent test e-mails to my news services account -- I never received the e-mails.

I also have problems with my business account e-mail addresses ( and phone calls. A recent post provided my business number via a SuperPages profile. I did not receive one phone call. During the same time period I also called several times. I did not receive all of the test calls. Not sure what the problem is.

Because of the popularity of, the Blogger Calendar has had a lot of notice. I should have more e-mails, if for no other reason -- curiosity. When I first started using Blogger, I scoured the Internet for a Blogger Calendar and that's why when I could not find one, I developed one.

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