Sunday, May 01, 2005

Affiliate Programs... April 2005

As you may recall I started looking at my affiliate programs very closely. For the month of April, I had 17,396 impressions with ads on this blog, NS&J forums and Q's Wire... (Most of the ads are on Q's Wire...) There were a grand total of 25 click throughs with no sales. The total impression count only reflects unique visitors and not each ad that a visitor may see clicking on multiple pages of the site.1

The AdSense campaigns that I placed on the NS&J forums, this blog, and my demonstration blog netted $1.49 for the month of April. AdSense has severe restrictions on the amount of information that program participates can divulge.

Web site reporting problems that began toward the latter third of the month -- prevented a thorough analysis of the data. Hopefully these problems will work themselves out.

1A different page in php terms is one that has a different php call, for instance -- index.php?.... is a different page than sitefinds.php. index.php?post=1 is the same page as index.php?post=2 even though two different posts are rendered upon request. If the same ad is running on both index.php and sitefinds.php each ad is counted separately by my affiliate manager. However if the user clicks on several posts with the index.php?... call the ad is only counted once. My stats indicate that my users tend to click on multiple pages.


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