Saturday, February 19, 2005

Domain Under Siege...

I have had odd happenings with my domain --, as I have been reporting. To recap:
  1. I was besieged by one IP address that appeared to be abusing bandwidth on the sub-domain. (Used 1 gig of bandwidth in a two day period)
  2. I have too many hits from Macintosh platform browsers, which also happens to be the browser I use to surf the web. [I develop on a Windows Platform]
  3. Trackback spam (WordPress blog) -- that makes it appear as if referrers from "poker" sites are providing a great many referrals to my site. Because this spam is a new way to get listed through the Trackback interface on the blog, it makes my referral report go on forever. It is a simple matter to delete the trackbacks, but I cannot delete the fraudulent referrals.

All of this began around the same time. I know that other WordPress and Movable Type bloggers have been experiencing the new phenomena of Trackback spam, but I find it odd that all of these issues began on my domain around the same time. These issues coupled with the Yahoo account problem, have made it a busy month.

Note: The WordPress Trackback spam is easily deleted with my recently implemented spam hack, discussed in this post -->WordPress Spam Hack, it is just odd how the domain statistics are being reported for these spam attacks.


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