Friday, February 18, 2005

Browser Statistics...

Well my latest survey, "What is your Operating Platform?" seems small and inept with the latest findings as reported by W3Schools, specifically their Browser Statistics page. I hesitate to say that I have known about this site for sometime and never noticed the link on the main page. Touché... Here are in part -- their latest findings:

So why would my web-stats suddenly reflect an increase in Macintosh users? Well, one explanation maybe that I visit Macintosh Chat rooms, but I have always done this so I am not sure. You will also note a slight increase in the number of Macintosh users based on their [W3Schools] findings, but this is not correlative to my data, because I have seen a very large increase of Mac users.

I will leave my survey up, to see if it corroborates the findings of those reported by W3Schools.


At 2:19 PM, Anonymous said...

Personally, mine changes from windows to osx/unix to linux now and then. However, I think the statistics aren't necessarily all that accurate as there are ways to mask, as well as disabling technologies used to find out browser and os stats.

As far as osx, that is, mac, the reason people move from windows to it makes all the sense in the world. With a flavor, power, identity, and security of a unix under the hood added to popular commercial graphic design, animation, and office programs readily available for the platform as they are for windows, Apple has provided a compelling operating system. However, recently, Apple's finally started updating their hardware to equalize hardware prices with the major pc counterparts. For example, eMacs now have 64mb of separated video memory, most of the 64-bit iMacs now include Double-Layer burners as well as 128mb of video memory out of the box. This in turn makes it hardware competive, producing a potentially larger amount of buyers. (Ignoring the fact that while every aspect of design and later packaging is done in the usa, the manufacturing of parts and assembly is like every other personal computer maker.)

Ultimately, much of this doesn't matter, and most people are as clueless about computers as the mosquitos that hit my winshield now and then. Rather, excluding gamers, there is very few that have a lot of pride in their computer system. People that use macs do, though, for whatever reason. Gone are the days of IBM producing the laptops of pride, and these days only a fight on who can make the cheapest flimsiest laptop or desktop for the lowest price continues to go on throughout the world. The market itself is completely oversaturated with shoddy products, which makes the mac owner perhaps louder in that they usually feel they have a quality product... which is not all that far from the mentality of linux users, at least, from what I've seen.


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