Friday, February 25, 2005

Blogger Calendar -- News 02.25.05

Installed the "Blogger Calendar" on Q's Wire..., lower right sidebar. I am still working on appearance issues, but most of the bugs have been dealt with.

The WordPress calendar features the load month button -- illustrated in the above diagram with the "^". On this blog [QiSoftware Business Blog], the load month feature is the selection of the first of each month. The calendar can be customized to meet individual specifications, however some restrictions apply based on your blogging platform.

For more information about the Blogger Calendar see these articles:
  1. QiSoftware Solutions Page
  2. Blogger Calendar Price
  3. Blogger Calendar Enhancements
  4. QiSoftware Blogspot Calendar Demonstration
  5. Post Discussion of Planned Implementation
  6. BloggerForum Post 2 Forum thread on Blogger Calendar after completetion.
  7. Calendar FAQs
  8. Calendar Usage -- Dating Your Blog
  9. News, Software, & Java Forum Post Notification of Blogging Tool or Add On...
  10. and of course each page of this blog displays the calendar --

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At 12:40 AM, ginnie said...

urm.. hey. Im ginnie from malaysia.How do i get a calendar like yours in my blog?


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