Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Affiliate Impressions...

If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know that each month I report on my affiliate program activities. I often provide the definition of an Impression as defined by the manager of my program as:
Impressions: Number of times, in the date range selected, that your links for this merchant have appeared in visitors' browsers.

What I have learned recently is very interesting and noted here for the legal ramifications. Impressions -- more clearly put -- are the number of times a graphic advertisement is provided by the affiliate manager (I use one program rather than deal with each individual retail outlet). The graphic ads are never on the publisher's (me in this case) server but the server of the affiliate manager. This definition paraphrases another forum member's response to my query.

Why is this so interesting? Because until February 1, 2005 I have never used graphic ads on any of my sites other than the one time I used a sports graphic ad (around the time of the NCAA Final Four Championships last year for about a week), on my sports page. Now I have another on Q's Wire...

So why would I have well over 200 impressions (this number is very low because I am not including the impressions for Maryland Wired, which stopped publishing mid November 2004)? These impressions are not from the sport's ad I previously mentioned. I joined the affiliate program late March 2004.

From February 1st through the 8th, 2005 -- I have received 733 impressions from the affiliate ad I placed on Q's Wire... No sales, and the two click throughs, I myself submitted to ensure the link was working. Who, how, and why would someone use my site ads? It is too many to be a mistake...


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