Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Trend: Table-less Layouts... Why?

As many of you know I am not a web designer, so I am usually late in picking up trends in this area. A recent trend I have noticed, "Table-less Layouts For Web Pages" is a bit surprising to me. Why? The only way I could get my webpage to render correctly, was to incorporate a table into my 3 column WordPress Blog template.

I initially designed my template with DIV tags and CSS elements to create the 3 column look, see here. My template incorporates different colors for each of the columns and it was a bit odd looking when the two side columns were not the same length as the middle.

I tried several solutions before finally incorporating a table to ensure all three columns remained the same length, while ensuring the page was no longer than it needed to be. The following illustrates the bottom of my WordPress blog using the table solution:

In response to a query I posted on the SitePoint forums board, relating to this trends popularity, I was directed to this presentation -->Why tables for layout is stupid:. It is a very good read. I did not elaborate on the problems with the WordPress template so I was not provided with a direct solution to my problem.

There are currently two tables used on my WordPress blog:
  1. The one I used to keep my column lengths uniform.
  2. The one WordPress blogs use with the Calendar feature.

Does anyone know of another solution for ensuring uniform length of multiple column blogs that will work with most browsers? By the way the presentation does not ban all tables.


At 9:24 AM, Anonymous said...

This site --> gives the appearance of a 3 column use with the use of a clever background. I briefly scanned the source for a table and found none.



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