Saturday, January 29, 2005

Plugin Integration Support...

I have been integrating WordPress (WP) Hacks and Plugins into my personal blog, Q's Wire... I hope to add this service area to the list of offerings I support for blogging clients.

My latest integration, (Q's Wire... Stats) -- is the merging of two WP statistical hacks into a separate page which is easily accessible from the main blog.

I also incorporated part of one plugin onto the main page as illustrated in the diagram on the left. Click on the image to see the entire page (stats are located on the lower left sidebar). Also note, the time benchmark shown as the last line in the illustration -- is provided by the WordPress default template.

As many of you may know -- WordPress is a PHP driven application that utilizes a MySQL database. Although, my primary area of concentration has been -- closed application support (i.e., Java/Servlet Packages, Applets, etc.), the open source environment of PHP and MySQL offers a myriad of areas I can also support.


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