Tuesday, January 11, 2005

New Polling Tool...

I have integrated a polling interface on the sidebar of this blog. This interface currently links to a News, Software, & Java (NS&J) forums poll/question. I am toying with the idea of implementing a Java/SQL application that will bypass the forum, but first I want to see, what the response is to this interface.

The initial survey is about Blogging Platforms. You do not have to be a registered member of the NS&J forums to take part in the survey, thanks to a phpBB mod I installed last evening. I have included the current survey question below:

The poll interface will be a permanent fixture on the sidebar of this blog. Because the current survey has more than 3 options, its placement is on the lower sidebar. Polls with fewer options may be presented higher on the sidebar -- beneath my bio.

Your feedback both as a blogger and whether or not you like this new interface will be appreciated.


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