Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My Next Question?

I started blogging on June 1, 2004. Since then I have heard a great deal about RSS and ATOM conversions for blog entries. Maybe I don't understand -- but why would I enable output of my blog text in a manner which would allow one organization or entity to pick it up and feed multiple readers?

Does this not have the potential of diminishing my readership and therefore my website statistics? I am not the AP Newswire -- I am trying to get as many visitors as possible. Why are these feeds so popular with the average blogger -- who actually needs more visitors rather the less?

Are search engines somehow or another using the XML/RSS or ATOM formatted data as part of there indexing process? My implementation of the Wired Pages (WP) site search utilizes stripped back text files based on the actual web-pages in the search process. I wrote a C program to parse and convert the web pages into text files for use with the WP Search Engine.

Could this be the reason for the much heralded use of XML/RSS and ATOM? The same thing is needed by major search organizations for the many blog posts that require indexing each day?

My original question was why would I allow someone else to provide my words in the form of RSS/ATOM data to other interested parties? As I typed this entry I came up with a possible explanation. Perhaps I answered my own question. By the way if this is the case, you probably want to make that feed available.


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