Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Missing Out On Too Much...

I have been working on a lot of solo efforts of late. This year I have decided to work as many team efforts as possible. Sometime ago I joined LinkedIn a networking site for career minded individuals. I have had some inquiries from this avenue but to date, no work related contracts signed.

I hope to change that in the coming months. I think online networking groups are an excellent way to make contacts and meet other individuals -- qualified in areas outside of one's own realm.

For instance, I often get inquiries about web design work. I am not a web designer though I have extensive experience with CSS, HTML, JavaScript and other web design related technologies. The skill I lack to accommodate these inquiries is artistic ability. I would like to turn some of these inquiries into profitable work assignments with the right team of qualified individuals in place.

I hope that my existing business relationships and a more visible use of my Linkedin profile, will help to build a team that can be called upon to handle any assignment.

If you are a member of LinkedIn and have Internet, software programming, or graphic artist skills... look me up. The LinkedIn search facility recognizes my business name, QiSoftware.


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