Monday, January 31, 2005

Blogging Redaction...

I often use this blog as a means to document important business anomalies that I come across. This is my business blog and as such I want it to be as accurate as possible. That aside, my grammar is not always correct the first time out and I sometimes re-edit my posts.

If I find an error within 24 hours of the initial posting I normally make the correction without noting it. Otherwise, I note the correction with a time-stamp.

What are the rules for corrections on blog posts? Has anyone come up with a set of guidelines for the business blogger, or for that matter -- others with legal concerns, (e.g., divorce or child custody cases) -- who use blogging as a means to create a public record.

I am looking for this book title --> "How To Blog For Your Next Court Battle". As far as I know it does not yet exist.

Should these tags --> <STRIKE> </STRIKE> be used to make blog post corrections? Are redaction marks suitable for blog posts? Can a blog's contents be used in court? When is it too late to correct a blog post?
Maybe this form of blogging is to new for a set of legal guidelines to even exist?

I really should have been an attorney. I would then know all of the answers to these questions. Believe it or not -- I read attorneys' blogs all the time...


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