Sunday, December 05, 2004

Where Is That Data & How Much Can I Have?

Blogger is currently experiencing growing pains which almost all users have been affected by. I am looking at alternative ways to harvest data for use in add-on tools for this platform, which don't add to the current load. The Blogger ATOM API is one alternative, if the raw data provided is complete (sometimes only parts of the overall data are available via ATOM API access). Another is direct access to the raw data that is being stored for each blog.

The first question -- If Blogger is having problems accessing the many requests for data from it's many users why would the ATOM API be able to get around this bottleneck? The access to this information appears to be via and not Blogger is notorious for redirection -- so this is only important if the same bottlenecked servers are being used for the ATOM API access. The second question -- How complete is the raw data provided by Blogger for ATOM API access?

Have there been issues with surfers gaining access to any one blog stored on servers, because of demand? Is there anyway to gain direct access to data maintained on these servers (blogspot)? Of course, not every Blogger blog is maintained on servers. But for those that are -- this could be a valuable asset in developing and using Blogger add-ons and utilities.

The ideal solution: A separately maintained database for Blogger developers that allows access to up to date blog data but that is not being accessed by the blogging community in general. Is this impossible? I have no idea how Blogger stores raw blog data or perhaps more importantly where. This would be the data that users save and use in the publish process to build the separate blog html files. Does anyone know? Maybe they already have one?

The cost to Blogger to maintain this mirrored data site could be rather costly (if it does not already exist) and I don't think they would be to pleased with my request. However, this is my blog and that's what I want.

Why am I asking all these technical questions in my blog? Because my research is leading me nowhere. I would appreciate any feedback... Please disregard any hints of frustration. It is due to my lack of finding the Blogger blueprints...


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