Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Wake Effect...

My personal blog -- Garden Pleasures... is a WordPress blog. This allows me to list my blog with the WordPress Topsites List. What's notable about this list is not my membership.. but who else belongs. Sites like:These sites have established readership. Even though the "List" is relatively small, just over ***75 members, we all benefit from the large audiences that some of the more popular sites command. When their readers click on their "WordPress Topsites" icon -- it provides the rest of us with some of their reach or audience share. This is the "Wake Effect".

This works... my referrals from this site are notable.

* -- is featured on the homepage for her video based blogging workshops for the Blogger platform.

**Electric Venom -- is currently listed on Wonkette with a quote... This site is also listed on my forum under Blogging Articles.

***75 members -- the site administrator recently wiped the database by mistake. At the time of this erasure, there were about 300 members.


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