Wednesday, December 22, 2004

News Feeds Disappearing?

Is it my imagination or are news sites making XML/RSS feeds less available? I planned to develop XML/RSS interfaces for the following sites:
  1. Dictionary - This Day In History
  2. Wall Street Journal - Column
But the XML/RSS feeds are no longer available. I thought the "This Day In History" interface could be a Blog-Addon and the Wall Street Column feed, available to whomever wanted one.

Do you think this could have anything to do with the number of bloggers adding news feeds to their blogs? Maybe news organizations are feeling the strain. I have even noticed that the familiar button is not used as often. Anyone else notice this problem?

While I am on the subject of news feeds, I use AP headline feeds on Wired Pages. About a month ago the headline feeds on the:

all stopped working. The only interface working is on the main page. I decided not to fix the headline feeds on the underlying pages until after the new year. These interfaces use headlines which are not part of an XML/RSS feed and therefore not related to the disappearance of XML feeds.


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