Saturday, December 18, 2004

Java, Me & GUI...

My last post provided a partial résumé of sorts and I wanted to expand a bit on my software skills. I began developing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) using the X-Windows platform and standards like MOTIF. I don't hear these terms bandied about a lot anymore but at one time were the cutting edge methods for GUI development. My C skills were honed in this environment for use on many platforms, including Unix and DEC.

C++ was used a lot in the early MS Windows development work and is still used today. It is also the foundation for a lot of the underlying Java framework.

When I spoke of my programming language knowledge, I felt it may have been unclear as to how I learned of GUI concepts which enabled me to only concern myself with issues such as pointers [or lack thereof in Java] and other Java environment issues. This is because I was already aware of GUI concepts. This knowledge was gained in the lower level development work I did with X-Windows, C and MOTIF...

Assembly Language is to Basic as X-Windows is to Java GUI Techniques
Assembly is a very low level programming language and Basic is a higher level programming language. The same comparison holds true for X-Windows and Java GUI Techniques. The higher level techniques are easier to learn.


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