Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Forum Numbers...? Legal Notes...

As a re-joinder to my previous post I did want to note that it appears I do get a lot of visitors to the News, Software, & Java forums. Because of a recent post, Signatures..., dated December 17, 2004 I had over 1000 hits in a two day period to the FAQ.php file that is part of the forum application. A 1000 hits is a lot of hits in that time period.

I did not receive 1000 hits to my blog counters in the same time period. I also have never seen this many hits to this particular file -- I installed the forum late September 2004. The discussion in the Signatures... post about the BBCode is the link that accumulated so many hits to the FAQ.php file. To date I have a total of 2303 hits to this one file for the month of December. There has been only light accumulation for the last several days.

Part of the December Webalizer report is shown in the following illustration:

This is a cumulative report for December through 12/28/04 for the forums subdomain -->

I repeat 1000 hits is a lot of hits in a two day period and I only clicked on it once or twice... I already know BBCode. The viewtopic.php file is the second highest file receiving hits for the forums subdomain... but I do frequently review topics in the forum.

Another one of those legal notes...


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