Monday, December 06, 2004

CreativeCommons License...

I am sure many of you have seen the CreativeCommons icon illustrated on some of your favorite blogs. I am not going to include the image here, because I don't subscribe to the CreativeCommons doctrine and don't want my readers to be confused. I do think the CreativeCommons License is a good idea.

What is the CreativeCommons License? There are two websites that I feel are useful in describing this mostly Internet created phenomenon:

Why am I not going to subscribe to this doctrine for my work? Because I am a software consultant and I feel very strongly that the Internet has created a climate that is counter productive to the legal sale of software tools for Internet use. I do believe that clearly delineating creative works as coming under a CreativeCommons License is important if the author of such work wishes to release his work under this doctrine. In other words... I believe the CreativeCommons License is a good idea, I simply will not use it with my work. All of my work is copyrighted when it is introduced, released, or published.

In the past -- the Internet expended a lot of resources on Research and Development (R&D) to achieve a certain usefulness with regard to tools and services that would make it an attractive "venue" in which to conduct business, shop, research, or have fun. Governments, corporations and individuals alike -- have donated a lot of time, effort, and tools to make the Internet what it is today. Some have had returns on their initial investments or were backed by government grants. Many others have not.

Today, the Internet has proven its success, and to continue to promote the idea of "free" in this arena, I believe is a mistake. This includes not only software, but words, graphics and any other creative tools and concepts that may appear in this arena and which are accessible by anyone with an Internet connectable device.

What about the Wired Pages news service and the news headline feeds I use on this site. Wired Pages is a news service and under US copyright law -- a limited amount of news, collected from other resources may be used to enable easy promotion and distribution of news. See this link --> What is Copyright Protection for a discussion on this topic.


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