Tuesday, November 23, 2004

WordPress Guru?

I stayed up late last night incorporating enhancements to my WordPress blog, Garden Pleasures.... Yes, I think I am an expert now. Expert on what you might ask? Integrating blog designs using CSS, HTML, and XHTML. Now if only I were a graphic artist -- see earlier post --> Creative License?.

The enhancements I integrated will be barely noticeable by most. Because of the way I initially implemented my WordPress template -- my 3 column design needed more maintenance with each new post than I wanted to provide. The trick -- clever use of tables.

The default template provided with each new installation of WordPress is a bit complicated. I queried several blogging communities wondering if users who use this platform -- have found difficulties in manipulating the template.

Some WordPress bloggers use pre-existing templates from other sources. I searched Google for "WordPress Templates" and found about 121,000 references. This link --> WordPress Styles has some pretty nice designs and all of the templates are released under the GPL License.

The WordPress Styles link given above, is also listed here --> Blogging Tools & Add-ons. Let me know if you have a blogging tool or add-on you would like to have listed.


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