Thursday, November 04, 2004

Small Business and Internet Advertising --

According to this article -->"Kelsey Group: Small Businesses Not Yet Advertising Online" small businesses are not advertising online though the potential for huge returns is evident.

My budget for advertising and promotion was not large, therefore I looked for creative ways to boost my online presence. Here are a few tools I use to promote my small business:I use Alexa to track how well my online promotion tools work. When I first started tracking -- my Alexa rank [March 2004] was over 3 million. Over the summer [2004], I went down to just under 2 million and then back up to 5 million. Today I am hovering at just over a million. Alexa ranks are based on 1 [one] being the best, so the further I descend the better.

I am providing the screenshot I took today for later reference as a bench mark guide.
Screenshot taken today [11.04.04]
clicking on the image will take you to my Alexa profile page.

Take note of the Links in: value of 1 in the above image. I am not sure why this number reflects only 1, since my site is listed with various online sites and search engines, but I am investigating.


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