Thursday, November 11, 2004

Creative License?

I recently installed WordPress. For those of you who don't know -- WordPress is another blogging platform that many web hosting companies offer as a blogging tool for their users. It requires a database. I installed it primarily to have the advantage of seeing first hand problems with this platform -- from a software development perspective.

Using this platform I will keep sort of a personal blog <> Garden Pleasures.... I am still working on the template and I may change the name. My question requires that you preview what I have done thus far, so please take a look--> preview.

Now here is my question. I found this blog --> chicken recipes... some time ago and fell in love with the design. You will note the similar look to my new blog. If you look at the underlying html and cascading style sheet [CSS] definitions, you will find there is absolutely nothing the same between my definition and the original. I basically copied the design from a creative viewpoint... and not the code.

In this case, the original was a free template so even if I had copied the CSS layout I would not have infringed upon the copyright. But what about Creative License? I copied the look... I am not a graphic artist so I don't think I would have put the colors together myself. Has any work been done on the Creative License angle with regard to the Internet and copyright infringement? I would love to know your thoughts or if you have links that provide a clearer picture -- that would be great too.

My next question :: Where do Intellectual Property rights end and Creative Property rights begin? The "Blogger Calendar" is not free... can someone copy the look and feel without stealing my code?

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