Sunday, November 14, 2004

Blogger Calendar Price --

I have received several inquiries about the cost of the Blogger Calendar. The current cost of the standard Blogger Calendar is $9.95. The calendar requires a server that supports Java Servlets. If your server does not support Servlets -- I provide the calendar package hosting for $12.00 a year. Right now I am offering the hosting and the standard calendar for $19.95. The availability of this hosting is also dependant on the number of hits your blog gets per month. This price is subject to change without prior notice. Custom features are more and determined on a case by case basis. I accept payment through PayPal. Email --> or [I have had problems receiving emails via my business domain.]

I have tested the calendar with my new WordPress blog --> Garden Pleasures.... I have not integrated the Blogger Calendar on this blog because I have been busy with other things. It works very well and I am excited about introducing the calendar on a WordPress blog. I have some custom features I wish to incorporate and it will take a bit more time than I have right now.

The standard calendar for is discussed in this post --> Blogger Calendar Enhancements. The Standard Blogger Calendars for WordPress and Movable type are similar to the one discussed in the above post, however there is only one extra button which enables users to load the current month's archived posts. WordPress and Movable Type are database driven applications and I can take advantage of this by accessing the data more selectively.

Currently I support Blogger, WordPress, & Movable Type blogging platforms. I have not tried Type Pad and I don't have the database schema for this platform. However, I am sure I won't have any problems implementing the calendar on this platform or any of the other the blogging platforms.


At 3:46 PM, Anonymous said...

why not offer the calc for shareware, trial ware etc?
Personally I'm not a fan of applets


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