Thursday, October 21, 2004

QiSoftware Solutions --

The QiSoftware Solutions website addresses some of the software solutions I have developed for first the Maryland Wired site and now Wired Pages and some of my other sites.

This separately maintained website under the domain - discusses software tools that I have developed which can easily be integrated elsewhere. I do create custom applications from scratch, however this site [catalog] is meant to show the tools that are currently available or give you an idea of the type of tools I can create for your site. This catalog does not include prices, however I do provide a standard price list upon request.

I recently added the Blogger Calendar page to the catalog. Because of the continuing interest in the calendar I have enumerated the online resources that address the calendar specifically:
  1. QiSoftware Solutions Catalog Page
  2. QiSoftware Blogspot Calendar Demonstration
  3. Post Discussion of Planned Implementation
  4. Calendar FAQs [an entry to this blog]
  5. Calendar Usage -- Dating Your Blog [an entry to this blog]
  6. News, Software, & Java Forum Post Notification of Blogging Tool or Add On...
  7. and of course each page of this blog displays the calendar --
Each page of this blog contains a link to the QiSoftware Solutions catalog - located in the upper right corner labeled Solutions beneath the Wired Pages and Forums links. Wired Pages is a working promotional site that showcases some of my software tools, while the Solutions site discusses the technology associated with the tools.


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