Saturday, October 16, 2004

My Software Tools...

As promised, [refer to the earlier post, "My Hardware Tools"] here is the table of software tools I use most often in my work.

Microsoft Office 2000, including Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, and ClipArt Gallery (CAG).
Sales Database [Access], Website Development [Publisher], Correspondence and Documentation [Word], Miscellanous graphic support [PowerPoint]. The ClipArt Gallery interface also enables me to store my digital photographs and search based on keywords. In addition, I offer custom tools and support for those requiring help with Access or Excel.This suite is not the latest but is comprised of a great set of tools that I use extensively for business and other interests. When the need presents itself I will update this software suite.
Frontpage 98/Image ComposerGraphics support for the web and a myriad of other projects. [Image Composer]I rarely use Frontpage because I use MS Publisher for website development and maintenance. I love the graphics software, Image Composer which was a standalone software tool that came with Frontpage. It is a very powerful and a extremely useful graphics program.
Borland JBuilder Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on PC and Mac platformsJava development. PC and Mac platforms supported to ensure tools and interfaces I develop support both platforms.I like Borland.
Borland C/C++ IDEC/C++ software development.My first Borland IDE was for C/C++. I am accustomed to the manner in which Borland works. I don't use a lot of wizards or pre-fabricated interfaces so the fact that Borland offers a pure appoarch to software development is a tremedous asset in its favor -- in my opinion.
AppleWorks SuiteGraphics overlay, some documentation, correspondence, and spreadsheets for website statistics.Because the resolution on a Mac is more intense than my PC I can develop images that are more intense. I use the drawing tool to add highlight text or other elements to existing images. I also use the spreadsheet program for storage of website statistical information. The tools in this suite are not as sophisticated as the Microsoft Office Suite I use on the PC, but are adequate for the maintenance operations I perform on the Mac.
CuteFTPFile transfer on PC platformsWired Pages [and Maryland Wired, no longer being updated*] consists of a lot of files, mostly graphics. I use CuteFTP which allows me to upload multiple files conveniently.
Paint Shop ProScreen captures, re-colorizations Popular Paint Shop Pro program allows for sophisticated manipulation of bit map images.
Adobe PhotoDeluxeBitmap manipulation, and image transparencyAnother popular graphics tool.
Windows Inherent Software ToolsNotepad for quick edits and standalone pages that do not require a Publisher file. Calculater is used for hex to decimal and vice versa base conversions.-
Mac OSX Inherent Software Toolstcsh shell - vi for editing, ftp for file transfer. I also use the TextEditor for on the fly updates and corrections, and the screen grab tool to capture images for inclusion in blog or forum posts.AppleWorks is part of the OSX package of software tools, however I discussed separately above.
Windows Browser InterfacesInternet Explorer [IE], Opera, Firefox, Netscape 7 series, Netscape 4 series, and Mozilla used to ensure multiple platform support for programs and interfaces I develop.I use the IE browser on the PC
Macintosh Browser SupportSafari, MacIE, Opera, Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla. To ensure multiple browser support on the Mac platform for programs and interfaces I develop.I use Internet Explorer [MacIE] most often on the Mac [bookmarks], and I like the "lightweight" feel of Firefox.
Corel Gallery 2Royality Free Clip Art used in many projects both web based and otherwise.A lot of clipart with a great interface for exporting to a great many graphics programs.
WinZip/PkZipArchivingI back everything up in duplicate.

*Updated 10.25.04

The above table addresses cross platform support quite a bit with no mention of Unix and Linux platforms. I have discovered that most of my interfaces and programs work correctly on the different Unix platforms if they work on the Mac and PC platforms. I also offer Mac screen shots for those web designers and developers that don't have access to a Mac. See this link -->Mac Screen Shots.


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