Friday, October 01, 2004

Calendar Feasibility and Blogspot...

I have had several requests for feasibility assessments with regard to the Blogger Calendar and the blogspot servers -- [Blogger's hosting platform].

I have come up with a solution though it is a bit unconventional. The unconventional part of the solution involves creating a Blog entry that will contain an index of all the blog entry dates.

For those of you with large blogs this can be done automatically by setting the archive to daily and the date format to a yy_mm_dd. Once the list is generated, view source on the main page of your blog and cut and paste the dates listed under the archive. A good text editor with a replace function will remove pre and post html tags from the list. Then reset your archive to "Monthly" or whatever you had it set to, and your date preference and re-publish your blog. [The date format is the one specified under the "Settings -- Formatting" tab and labeled "Archive Index Date Format".]

The dates for each entry will be read by the Blogger Calendar program, and enable proper execution of the application.

The dates stored in the Calendar Index Post -- should be of the form: yy_mm_dd [same date discussed above, under the Setting -- Formatting tab] with < div id="qisoft"> < /div> tags -- surrounding the entire list of dates. The name of the post can be anything you like, but will have to be coordinated with me. Surrounding the dates with a div id = "qisoft" will allow you to explain why the post is in your blog. ie., "This is my internal date index". Keep in mind this post will only be visible on the main page for a short period of time.

Every time a new entry is entered you will have to update this special "Calendar Index Post" in your blog. Simply add the date of the post (i.e., 04_10_01). Each date must be on a separate line and there should be no duplicate dates.

The other problem -- support for Java Applet/Servlet technology can be handled directly through me or any other solution that supports this technology. For instance your friend's server supports Java Servlets and he will give you space.

I am still waiting on a reply from Blogger concerning these issues so if I get a response, I will let you know. If you have something else you think may work -- I am open to suggestions. The problem is, I need a quick way to obtain the dates of your blog posts to "enable" the appropriate days of the calendar.

WordPress and Movable Type folks -- there should be no problem in providing support for those of you who use these blogging platforms, however there will be no support for retrieval of archives based on the "category" feature, only the post dates.


At 5:25 PM, themarina said...

Hi there,

I'm very interested in trying incorporating your calendar into by blogspot blog. From reading the post on how to set it up, I think I'm ready to proceed but I can't seem to find the java script required. I'm sorry if I'm missing something but I just can't find it. Could you direct me to where I could find the script?




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