Sunday, October 03, 2004

BlogSpot Calendar Demonstration...

I have integrated a demonstration version of the Blogger Calendar into the QiSoftware Support blog. This blog is located on the blogspot servers.

You will notice, the most recent post is a Calendar Index [in case this is not the most recent post when you see this I have provided the link]. This is where I am reading blog entry dates using the method I described in the earlier post --> Calendar Feasibility and Blogspot.

The earlier post specified a date form of: yy_mm_dd. The actual implementation of the calendar requires date specification in the following format: yyyy_mm_dd.

For those of you using the Pro Blogger platform, integration will not require the "Calendar Index" post. This requirement is only for those using the "free" Blogger platform and the blogspot servers. Here again see the earlier post for reference --> Calendar Feasibility and Blogspot.

I am still tweaking this demonstration version -- so if it changes, I am testing different colors and looks. Let me know what you think...