Saturday, October 30, 2004

Blogging Study...

Blogging is becoming more popular with each new day. Ever wonder who is blogging in your area? I reside in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and before I started my research on Thursday, October 28, 2004 I had come across only one blogger from Washington, DC. So I decided to implement a demographic research study about bloggers. I belong to several Yahoo! Blogging Groups. I sent each an email requesting members respond to my survey and provide me with their blog bios. To date I have received about 8 replies. I have provided their responses in this --> forum post. To see the number of views received since creating this announcement on 10.28.04, see this link --> Blogging By Location listing. To participate in this study and have your blog listed, you will need to specify the following:
  • BlogName & URL
  • Blog Location
  • Blog Topic
This information will have to be posted in the forum so that I can include it in the main list. I hope that my non-certified research will provide answers to the following questions:
  • Are they more bloggers in colder regions?
  • Are there any patterns to what people blog about based on physical location?
  • How many respondents can I get?
Why should you participate in this study? -- Forums are an excellent promotion tool for websites and blogs, so by listing you get a free promotion.

If you are a Business Blogger and belong to Yahoo! click on Yahoo! BusinessBlogs Group to join this group.


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