Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I am running my first blog advertising ad. The ad I am running is a BlogAd. The top half of the ad is shown in the image below. The actual ad is on the sidebar right under the profile area and will run through Monday, October 25, 2004. The link on the image below is "hot" so feel free to check out the product.

I was very excited about getting my first request to host an ad. I like projecting a cool exterior. When the order for this ad arrived I was jumping up and down and giggling to myself...

The bad part -- because it was my first ad I reworked my Blog Template and did a myriad of other tasks [listed below] including writing the prospective advertiser - about how pleased I was to host the ad. The only thing I didn't do was inform BlogAds that I would host the ad. When I received their email indicating an order had been received I logged into my account saw the reject box and of course did not insert a check mark. I thought this was all I needed. There was a "Hold" on the ad indicating the advertiser wanted to wait until a specific date to run the ad. When the morning arrived for the ad to run, the ad was not running. I again logged onto BlogAds, took the "Hold" off the ad and voila it immediately appeared. Needless to say, I know how it works now. The following is an itemized list of the things I did to prepare for my first advertising campaign.
  1. Reviewed the advertiser's website.
  2. Found another blog running one of the ads... immediately loved it.
  3. Wrote to the prospective advertiser indicating how much I loved the ad, on the site I found and if there were any color or location preferences for my ad. [Do you think they knew it was my first?]
  4. Developed a Microsoft Access database to allow easy tracking of Sales, Agents, Advertisers, and Accounts Receivable information. [Hope I have another advertiser, it would be a shame to let my fancy new database go to waste.]
  5. Reworked my blog template.
There are two means by which I accept advertising for my blog.
  1. BlogAds
  2. QiSoftware Advertising

If you would like to check into BlogAds for your blog see this site --> BlogAds. The BlogAds people have done a lot of research on blog advertising and provide information via their website and weblog at this link --> BlogAds Blog. Most bloggers who sign up with BlogAds have some sort of political agenda, but you don't have to have a political affiliation -- as is my case [I am listed under the Business and Technology categories].

As I learn more about the advertising arena I will provide more details.


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