Friday, September 10, 2004

Office Blogging Versus Business Blogging --

An alarming trend has found its way to the workplace and I wanted to weigh in on this issue. At issue is whether your day at the office should be considered appropriate material for your personal blog.

I use the following definitions in this assessment:
  • Blog :: A public hashing of issues one may want aired -- operative word here public.
  • A Business Blog is a blog sanctioned by your employer and meant to provide an informal look into the business practices of the company. In general this is a positive narrative which enhances the business position of the company.
  • A Personal Blog is a journal of events or stages in your life. To the extent that your employment is concerned -- if discussed at all, it is only lightly touched upon.

I have read some personal blogs recently, which also discuss employment issues. In my opinion, these blogs provide too much in the way of detail about [or prospective] employers -- which in most cases does not reflect positively on the company.

That said -- why does it appear as if I am providing a lot of detail about my own company in some of my posts?

My response:
  • I work for myself
  • This is a business blog
  • I want a public record of everything that appears abnormal
I call this Business/Legal Blogging 101...

Well -- enough said... thinking about adding a search function to my blog... Now where was I?


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