Sunday, September 19, 2004

Let's Talk Mac --

I recently downloaded the Macintosh (Mac) version of Firefox. I have had an on going issue with the mixture of Java and JavaScript I use on certain pages of the Wired Pages site and Mac versions of the Mozilla/Netscape browsers, including the new release of Firefox [It is fast...].

The problem occurs when the user requests something from a Java interface [for example the weather for Madrid, Spain on the home page]. The page is never refreshed but returns the weather information requested. If the user then tries to insert something into a JavaScript text box on the same page he will be unable to do so. The Java interface will not release the focus for JavaScript but will refocus for another Java interface on the page.

The work-around is so invasive that I only implemented the fix on the home page. It involves refreshing the page if the user clicks on a JavaScript text box after using a Java interface. An extreme measure. Safari has a similar issue, however I was able to correct the problem without refreshing the page.

You can test this for yourself... As I have already mentioned the fix was integrated on the home-page of Wired Pages. Pages without the fix include Real Estate, Business, Reference, and Technology and once again only for the Mac versions of Netscape and Mozilla browsers.

Anyone with other ideas for work-arounds or if you wish to weigh in on whether the correction is too extreme -- I would love to hear from you.

This discussion is also posted on the forum, "News, Software, & Java" under the JavaScript topic area -- here is the link: JavaScript/Java Issues.

Oh and by the way, if you want to see what your site/page/url looks like in Mac platform browsers, post your url at the following forum link -- Mac Screen Shots and I will send screen shots of the urls as rendered by the Mac browser you specify. All requests must be made via the forum link. Requests posted here will be refused.

Transparent attempt to get users on my forum... Okay -- but, also a useful service, for concerned webmasters.


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