Saturday, September 04, 2004

Dating Your Blog...

I finished development work on the Blog Calendar. See the sidebar to take it for a test drive.

The calendar was developed for the environment but can be adapted for use with most blogging community frameworks. The application is a combined Java Applet/Servlet package.

The calendar features several navigation tools including month and year selection menus. Each of the "red" calendar dates can be clicked to retrieve posts for that date. The "Last Post" button will retrieve the current blog entries [otherwise known as the blog's homepage].

The calendar is configured to reset to the current month and year when the "Last Post" button is selected -- even if the current month contains no entries. This is also true when the page loads. Each archived page will reset the calendar to the month and year of the archived post.

Retrieval of all posts for a given month is achieved by clicking on the first day of the month. Clicking on other days within the month will only retrieve that day's post(s).

For anyone requiring a more technical explanation of the Calendar's inner workings or for an assessment as to whether the calendar can be integrated into their environment -- drop me a line at