Friday, September 17, 2004

Calendar Deployment Issues --

I have had several inquiries about the Blogger Calendar. I am providing a list of FAQs and the corresponding responses.
  1. May I have the code?
    Response -- The short answer -- No...
  2. What if I started my blog before 2000?
    Response -- The calendar years can be set to whatever years you specify.
  3. My blog is on the server, will it work on this platform?
    Response -- The servers do not allow the read access that my application needs to harvest key information. I have contacted in hopes of coming up with a work-around. Still waiting for a response.
  4. My web-host does not support Java Servlet classes?
    Response -- The ideal situation for my package is a site that supports Java Servlet classes. Absent that, I will host the software package, however the server where the blog is maintained must be read accessible by my program. [This is the same problem addressed by the servers.]
  5. How much does it cost?
    Response -- There is a cost for the software package. Because the package is custom developed -- the cost varies from client to client. There is also a fee if the package is hosted on my server.
  6. Will one application work with all of my blogs?
    Response -- Each calendar package is anchored to one blog site. I offer a discount to anyone with more than one blog.
  7. What happens if I move my blog(s)?
    Response -- I will provide a free software update.
  8. Do you need a test user?
    Response -- I used the framework for the initial package, however it can be adpated for other blogging platforms. I am testing the platform [hosted on]. The difference between and other blogging platforms may be how archive files are handled.... The short answer-- I am not offering demonstration copies of this program.
  9. Your blog is relatively new, will program performance be affected by an older blog with more archive files?
    Response -- No, the application is a program and may have performance issues due to server log jams. There should be no performance degradation because of the number of archived posts.
Refer to the earlier post -- Dating Your Blog for an introduction and usage guidelines for the Blogger Calendar.


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