Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Affiliate Reports - End of August Report...

No sales were generated for the month of August and there were a total of 5 click-throughs. If my affiliate reports are delayed I will report the update.

A Click Through is defined as:
Number of times, in the date range selected, that site visitors clicked on your links and were taken to the merchant's site.

My blog made over 12,000 referrals versus receiving about 3000 hits. These referrals are for links on which include the Wired Pages redirect links. Another example -- I cannot measure how many times the Guide to Grammar and Writing link was clicked from the previous post. Giving you the numbers for the Wired Pages site would have no meaning because these numbers only reflect the redirect totals. [AOL does not provide stats.]

I also had over 2300 unique site visitors for the month of August which averages out to about 74 unique site visitors per day, this according to the report summary information. According to the daily unique site visitors [adding all the daily numbers for this category] the new total for the month is - 3450 with an average of about 111. I am not sure why the discrepancy. Both of these figures -- 2300 and 3450, reflect totals for the main domain and do not include the sub-domains counts.

For these types of posts -- I will always leave comments on... To date I have received no email nor comments from the blog audience and there are quite a few of you...


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