Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Other Legal Stuff --

My online name is R. D. Thomas -- nickname Q... I currently publish two news services, Wired Pages and Maryland Wired. See my last entry -- QiSoftware Advertising for other related matters.

Maryland Wired will stop publishing in December 2004. I have never nor will I ever accept advertising for the Maryland Wired site other than the affiliate links that are already present on the site or that may have existed in the past. At no time, have I ever received monetary benefit or otherwise from placing affiliate links on any of the sites discussed in this weblog entry or anywhere else.

Both the Wired Pages and the Maryland Wired sites -- for the most part, reside on an AOL hosted server. A lot of the programs [e.g. search engines, news headlines, etc.] found on each of the sites' pages are maintained on my business site -- qisoftware.com. I am soley responsible for these sites.

Also noteworthy -- I use the AOL screen name qisoftware [I began using the qisoftware screen name, November 14, 2003 -- qisoftware.com, registered, June 2002]. I seldom login with this screen name nor do I have a site located at this screen name. The AOL qisoftware screen name redirects to my business site qisoftware.com. My business domain -- qisoftware.com is not located on the AOL platform.

Why discuss the qisoftware AOL screen name? On two separate occasions my AOL service has been interrupted with the claim that there was a violation of the AOL Terms of Service (TOS) with regard to my AOL qisoftware profile. What that was I was never able to ascertain. [I sent a couple of emails and made several phone calls to AOL customer service.]

On November 27, 2002, I began using the Maryland Wired screen name. Although the Maryland Wired news service has always been called Maryland Wired -- the AOL screen name first used -- in December 1999, was mdnewsservice -- the Maryland Wired screen name was not available at that time. I still have the first screen name -- mdnewsservice, however it redirects to the marylandwired site.

I also use Yahoo! chat quite a bit. I use a family account to allow minor family members access to this account if the need arises [mostly games]. Other family members may also use, from time to time the Yahoo! account(s), however not where business matters are concerned.