Wednesday, August 18, 2004

My Hardware Tools...

I develop a lot of applications for use with the Internet. Cross compatibility issues are a big concern when developing these applications. In addition my news service requires certain equipment, e.g. cameras, scanners, etc. I have at my disposal the following hardware tools:

Pentium class 233 MHz Desktop Windows 98 PCApplication development, graphicsOld and reliable, completely rebuilt, provides a hardware platform for me to tinker with...
Pentium class 500 MHz Desktop Windows 98 PCDevelopment, testingNewer
Pentium class 800 MHz Notebook Windows XPTestingNewer
Macintosh 1 GHz Desktop G4 PPC OS XCross compatibility testing, some development, more and more graphics, on the fly updates. I make quite a bit of use of the underlying OS provided by this platform (tcsh shell).Recently installed an additional 512MB of memory
HP Laserjet 4 Plus PrinterHeavy duty printingOld and reliable workhorse
HP Inkjet Color Printercolor printing-
HP Inkjet Color Printercolor printing-
HP Inkjet Color Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copiercolor printing, faxing, etc.-
Brother Fax Machineblack and white copying, faxing-
HP 5100 Scannercolor reproductionsGreat older scanner
Olympus Digital CameraImage workLow resolution - used mostly for Internet work - great camera
Sony Digital Video CameraImage work/video, video conferencinggreat video camera
Nikon 35mm CameraImage work (detail)No dark room so minimal use.

My tools are not the latest, but I have some great older pieces that I rely on and upgrade whenever the opportunity presents itself. Next time I will discuss my software tools...