Thursday, June 24, 2004

Wired Pages Tools... Zip Code Retriever

The other day someone asked, "Why have a zip code retriever on your site [Wired Pages]". I explained that a great many of the search interfaces that are provided on the site, require a zip code. These interfaces include congressional representative, restaurant and movie theater searches. (Clicking congressional, restaurant or movie theater will link you to the page where these queries can be found.)

Other site tools that use zip codes include the World Weather Interface and radio/television searches.

The Zip Code Retriever can be found on the lower portion of the Business page.

The [zip code] retriever provides quick data or "on the fly" data without refreshing the entire page. Tools such as this are handy and I believe will become more common place as developers and designers agree upon how to best implement more user friendly tools for their targeted audiences.

Keep in mind Wired Pages is my promotional site and although I hope it is useful, tools that I develop are based on whims and in this case... . o O (while testing new interfaces that required zip codes as input, I became weary of linking to the USPS site to get different zip codes. This interface eliminates that need.)