Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Marketing How To... 1.) Joining Internet Groups

I am not a marketeer... I have searched for cost effective ways to market to the masses without putting a strain on my resources, and that don't require an MBA.

An easy method, that appears to be a great ROI approach, is to join Internet Groups. I am sure in all the literature that I have read relating to running your own business, something about joining Internet Groups was discussed as a viable and cost effective marketing avenue, however I can't remember a particular reference I can cite. (See the Wired Pages, Employment Guide and the Business page for the magazines and links I usually use.)

I think it is important to be selective in the Groups you decide to join because you could become bogged down with maintaining your relationships with these groups. In addition if the groups you join are somehow related to your business ventures, then you have a double benefit from involvement with the group.... I recently joined a Developer Group that I am excited about being a member of ...